How Long does a Bluetti Portable Power Station Last?

How Long does a Bluetti Portable Power Station Last?

If you have come to this page you could be after an answer to one of several questions. Firstly, you might be wondering how long a Bluetti Portable Power Station will last on a single charge, which we will come onto in the latter part of this article. Secondly, you may be wondering about the lifespan of a Bluetti, or other Portable Power Station. In other words, how many years will it last before becoming unusable. This is the primary focus of this article and we shall deal with this first.

What is the lifespan of a Bluetti Portable Power Station?

This question is similar to ‘how long will my car’s tyres last?’ The answer will depend enormously on the frequency of use. In essence, the lifespan of a portable power station, such as the superb examples manufactured by Bluetti is directly related to the number of charge cycles. By charge cycle we mean the use of the power station from full to zero charge. So, with this in mind, your portable power station will last many more years if it is used infrequently – such as during holidays – than if you use it several times a week. If the latter is the case your portable power station may only last one to three years, whereas with less frequent use it can last much, much longer.

After a certain number of charge cycles the capacity of the power station will reduce somewhat. Bluetti portable power stations are among the best on the market, however, when it comes to lifespan.

Let’s look at the example of a specific Bluetti model – the Bluetti EB70.  This is an excellent 1000W rated portable power station with a vast capacity of 716Wh, making it perfect for powering mini-fridges, air pumps, laptops etc. It weighs in at under 10kg, making it popular fir vanlife and RV holidays. But, perhaps the main advantage of the Bluetti EB70 comes in the form of its LiFePO4 battery, which benefits from a tremendous lifespan. In fact even after 2500 charge cycles the capacity of such a generator will still remain at around 80%!  At the upper end of the market, the 2000W Bluetti AC200P is designed to last at least 3500 charge cycles.  In order to prolong the battery's lifetime, during use, the battery is discharged down to 90% DoD. This clever technology in Bluetti’s power stations serves to increase their lifespan.

How long will a Bluetti last on a single charge?

Moving on and back to the first question, this is very much dependent on the model of Bluetti Portable Power Station you own and how it is being deployed. Let’s use the aforementioned AC200P as an example, comparing it’s ability to power a diverse array of products. As you will see, the results are varied and may come as a surprise.

  • CPAP (40W): 43 hours,
  • Ceiling Fan (50W): 34 hours,
  • Laptop (60W): 28 hours,
  • TV (110W): 15.5 hours,
  • Home Refrigerator (200W): 8.5 hours,
  • Coffee maker (600W): 2.8 hours,
  • Microwave (900W): 1.9 hours,
  • Hairdryer (1600W): 1.1 hours


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