Things to Consider when Buying a Portable Power Station

Things to Consider when Buying a Portable Power Station

A portable power station is a very solid investment capable of proving extremely useful and often even absolutely vital in a wide range of circumstances for a wide range of individuals and households. The flexibility afforded by such portable, non-fuel operated generators is invaluable, from the range of inputs including USB, AC and even compatibility with 12v cigarette lighter sockets, the possibilities are endless. This, coupled with solar panel compatibility ensures that there is a portable power station out there for everyone. The right power station for you will largely depend on what you intend to use it for and where you intend to deploy it. Read on for some top tips to help you make up your mind.

The power capacity you will need from your portable power station will largely depend on what you will be using it for. There are a wide range of models on the market, each with its own potency. For instance towards the top end of the market you have the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, which is a portable power station weighing in at a hefty 45kg. This might make it less suited to camping trips, treks and fishing, but it absolutely remains portable and boasts a superb range of charging options as well as a maximum device power supported of 4500W, with a capacity of 3600Wh. This model is the one to go for if you want a portable generator that is also capable of powering nearly every single heavy duty home device. You even have the option of pairing two units with Smart Home Panel to achieve a staggering 7200W. Fully charged in under 2 hours, this is an enormously potent power generator for the most demanding situations.

You may be looking for a portable power station for use with less substantial demands and a unit that is more easily transportable, even by hand. In this case, there are a wide range of models from different manufacturers including Ecoflow, Jackery and Bluetti that still offer great potential for powering a wide range of devices but also offer greater portability. Some of the lighter models like the Bluetti AC50S (6.2kg), the EcoFlow RIVER Max portable power station (5kg) or the ultra-light Jackery Explorer 240 (3kg) are perfect for intrepid users looking to take advantage of camping, fishing or boating trips. All of these models are also compatible with solar panels allowing you the freedom to customize you power options and generate reliable, clean power on the go. For ultra-portability you want to look for features like an easy-carry handle, which the EcoFlow RIVER Max and Jackery Explorer 240 both feature, as this is a feature that proves vital on those camping trips.

If you are seeking sophisticated design, easy carry handles, easy to use displays, low noise and fast charging then EcoFlow may just be the brand that best suits your needs. EcoFlow’s power stations are blessed with x-stream technology that makes their power stations some of the fastest on the market. The Bluetti power stations are often considered best for those users with the widest range of devices, while Jackery models are real all-rounders and the Explorer 1000 was recently rated the best overall power station by CNET.

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