What battery do I need for my boat?

A battery for the boat is indispensable. This serves as a starter battery, but also provides the electronic parts and lighting with the necessary energy. There are different types of batteries available for the boat. It is important to choose the right starter battery or supply battery for the boat. Of course, maintenance also plays a major role.

Which battery do I need? If he is looking at a battery for the boat, you can choose from these options:

Lithium batteries can be charged quickly. Moreover, these can also be discharged almost completely without this causing any problems. An IAM battery delivers high current in a short time. This is ideal as a starter battery for the boat.

Boat starter battery

A motorboat cannot run without a starter battery. This battery delivers a lot of power in a short time. This is important otherwise the engine will not start. The disadvantage of a boat starter battery is that it cannot provide long-term or constant energy. This would discharge the battery too far, which would lead to damage.

A starter battery for the boat is therefore the basis and perhaps the most important part. This is followed by the supply battery.

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Supply battery for boats 

The supply battery is very suitable for the boat, but also for the caravan or electric outboard motor. The advantage of a semi-traction battery is that it supplies a constant voltage for a longer period of time. As a result, this battery is widely used for lighting, solar panels, a refrigerator or water pump. If you want to buy a boat battery, definitely take a look at this type of battery.

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AGM battery for boats

What is an AGM battery and do I need it? This is a maintenance-free battery, thanks to the special technology. The battery acid does not float around loosely, but is contained in fiberglass mats. The advantage of this is that the battery acid cannot leak or slosh. Very handy because a boat makes a lot of movements.

An AGM battery for the boat is therefore a safe choice. This battery delivers a higher energy for a short time. It can also continue to supply power over a longer period of time. Ideal as a starter battery for the boat, but also for lighting and electronics.

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Gel battery for boats

Then there is also the gel battery for the boat. Again maintenance-free with the electrolyte trapped in a gel-like substance. The advantage is that the gel battery for the boat is leak-free. In addition, it can be mounted in different positions. Less suitable as a starter battery.

Whichever battery you choose for the boat, it is important to extend its life. You do this by fully charging the battery after the sailing season. Also in winter you charge the batteries every two months. In addition, use a load with the correct voltage.

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Determine the correct capacity (aH)

It is of course important to determine the correct capacity of the battery. In many cases, an agm battery 100ah is chosen for the boat. The semi-traction battery of 100ah is also popular. How much capacity is really needed depends on the connected equipment. And of course the use of it.

A higher power or voltage

If we look at the boat batteries, they are available with a capacity ranging from 50 to 230 ah. The most sold models have a capacity of 100ah. Sometimes there is a need for a higher power but you do not want to increase the voltage. By switching two 100ah batteries, a higher capacity is created. Without affecting the voltage. Series connection is suitable for realizing a higher voltage.

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