What can you Power with a Jackery Power Station?

What can you Power with a Jackery Power Station?

There are so many wide-ranging applications for a Jackery Power Station that to squeeze them all into an article like this is quite the challenge. The precise scope of potential use for a Jackery Power Station will, to a degree, depend on the model of the power station you acquire and also, in some situations whether it is equipped with solar panels.

Let’s take a look at some of the primary activities and situations for which people look to Jackery Power Stations for the solution and what kinds of equipment they are able to power with their generator.


For some who seek to get away from the stresses of everyday life and get out on the open road, the solution is vanlife or van-dwelling. This involves kitting out a van for part or full-time living and usually means a power station, solar panels and other home amenities. In the context of Jackery, van-dwellers usually look to Jackery Explorer portable power stations, such as the extremely popular Jackery Explorer 1000, which has plenty of juice to power refrigerators, televisions, electric grills and other vital goods for those looking to embrace vanlife. It can also be connected to 2 SolarSaga 100W solar panels.

Camping, fishing & garden applications

Jackery provide some exceptional lightweight portable power generators that are ideal for those who need to be able to carry the equipment around, or don’t need quite as much capacity. The Jackery Explorer 240 weighs in at only 3kg, making it by far the easiest model to carry around, making it an ideal camping or fishing companion. Those who are feeling a little stronger or need a bit more capacity can opt for the Explorer 500 which weighs in at only 6kg. In the UK carp fishing is vastly popular and the amount of technology that carp fishermen use has increased dramatically over the years. Most carp anglers will require their mobile phone, fish-finders, searchlights, nav lights, bite alarms, cooking facilities and a plethora of other gadgets. Having a quiet, non-fuel power station on hand, preferably with solar panels (carp angling is often a several day and night pursuit), is imperative as fuel generators are noisy and can scare away the fish.

Emergency home use

The Jackery Explorer 1000 is probably the model best suited to this. Connected to the appropriate solar panels it will enable those suffering a power outage to keep their refrigerators and freezers powered for up to 7 hours, depending on conditions. Unlike fuel-emitting generators, Jackery Power Stations do not emit any fumes, are close to silent and are safe to use in an indoor environment. Having a separate small refrigerator into which you can transfer essentials will mean that you can power it for even longer. When the power is out you will want to be able to use an electric grill or cooking plate and prepare a hot meal, which could be a real lifesaver. Finally, talking about lifesavers, if you are out of power, the Jackery Power Stations utilise pure sine wave inverters, making them ideal for powering CPAP machines. The Explorer 500 can do so for 13 hours and the 1000 for up to 17 hours.



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