Varta BLUE Dynamic C22 12V 52Ah 470A/EN 552 400 047 3132 car battery


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VARTA C22 Blue Dynamic 12V 52Ah 470A car battery 552 400 047 The C22 is a Varta...more

VARTA C22 Blue Dynamic 12V 52Ah 470A car battery 552 400 047

The C22 is a Varta battery. Batteries from the Blue Dynamic series meet the highest German quality standards and are all-rounders. Not only small and medium-sized cars, but also cars with a lot of technical equipment can rely on their technology. The battery's cold cranking current is 470 A. The dimensions of the product are 207 x 175 x 190 mm. You should use the dimensions of your old battery as a guide for your selection.

Inexpensive acid battery for your car

The capacity is 52 Ah. The capacity describes the ability to store electrical charge. The C22 is a maintenance-free acid battery. You don't need to refill water.

Pay attention to these values ​​when buying

The circuit and polarity of your new C22 should be identical to the values ​​of the old battery. The circuit shows whether the positive pole is on the right or left of the battery. To determine this, position the battery so that the poles are facing you. Because the circuit of this battery is 0, the positive pole is on the right side.

Brand: Varta
Brand line: Blue Dynamic
Model: C22
UK Part Code: 012
Voltage: 12
Capacity AH (C20): 52
CCA: 470
Product Type: Starter batteries
Technology: Standard Wet Battery
Start Stop Compatible: No
Length: 207
Width: 175
Height (inc terminals): 190
Warranty: 4 Years
Terminal: A-Terminal
Layout: 0
Holddown: B13
Size (L x W x H): 207 x 175 x 190
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This part has been reported to fit the following vehicles: PEUGEOT 107 (pm_, Pn_)...
"Equivalent Part Numbers"

This part has been reported to fit the following vehicles:

  • PEUGEOT 107 (pm_, Pn_) Hatchback (2005-2014) 68 HP (50 Kw)
  • FORD Ka (RU8) Hatchback (2008- ) 69 HP (51 Kw)
  • VW Polo (6R1, 6C1) Hatchback (2009- ) 60 HP (44 Kw)
  • PEUGEOT 206 Hatchback (2A/C) Hatchback (1998-2012) 75 HP (55 Kw)
  • VAUXHALL Corsa Mk IV (e) (X15) Hatchback (2014- ) 90 HP (66 Kw)
  • VW Polo (9N_) Hatchback (2002-2007) 54 HP (40 Kw)
  • TOYOTA Yaris/vitz (_P9_) Hatchback (2010-2011) 99 HP (73 Kw)
  • SEAT Ibiza Mk IV (6J5, 6P1) Hatchback (2008-2015) 85 HP (63 Kw)
  • TOYOTA Aygo (_B4_) Hatchback (2014- ) 69 HP (51 Kw)
  • PEUGEOT 206 Hatchback (2A/C) Hatchback (1998-2007) 60 HP (44 Kw)


This is not guaranteed to fit due to differences and discrepancies in manufacturers data. Therefore, ALWAYS double check the measurements against your current battery before purchasing as we are not liable for incorrect purchases.

Equivalent Part Numbers:
AUDI 000915105DC; AUDI 1J0915105; AUDI 1J0915105D; AUDI 5GM915105C; AUDI 5K0915105C; AUDI 8D0915105A; AUDI 8D0915105F; BMW 61211371404; BMW 61212158121; BMW 61218363890; BMW 61218376449; BMW 61218376453; BMW 61218377120; BMW 61218377123; BMW 61219069234; CITROËN 1608480580; CITROËN 1609232280; CITROËN 1615090480; CITROËN 5600JZ; CITROËN 5600KJ; CITROËN 5600LR; CITROËN 5600PY; CITROËN 5600QN; CITROËN 5600TN; CITROËN 5600X2; CITROËN 7905525547; CITROËN E364041; FIAT 51867609; FIAT 51867610; FIAT 6000627544; FIAT 71716987; FIAT 71748640; FIAT 71751133; FIAT 71751134; FIAT 71751139; FORD 1581453; FORD 9S51-10655-C1A; FORD 9S5110655C1A; FORD ME8U2J-10655-LA; FORD ME8U2J10655LA; FORD ME8U2JP-10655-LA; FORD ME8U2JP10655LA; HONDA 31500-SWW-E11; HONDA 31500-SWW-E110-M1; HONDA 31500SWWE11; HONDA 31500SWWE110M1; MERCEDES-BENZ 0045414201; MERCEDES-BENZ A0045414201; NISSAN 24410-JD11A; NISSAN 24410JD11A; OPEL 1201210; OPEL 13165236; OPEL 13390019GJ; OPEL 93189920; OPEL 95527533; PEUGEOT 1609232280; PEUGEOT 1615090480; PEUGEOT 5600JZ; PEUGEOT 5600KJ; PEUGEOT 5600LR; PEUGEOT 5600QN; PEUGEOT 5600TN; PEUGEOT 5600X2; PEUGEOT 7905525547; RENAULT 244100006R; RENAULT 244101HD1B; RENAULT 6001543946; RENAULT 6001548896; RENAULT 7700436326; RENAULT 7700758343; RENAULT 7701050256; RENAULT 7701376963; RENAULT 7701410006; RENAULT 7711130066; RENAULT 7711222756; RENAULT 7711238596; RENAULT 8671004003; SEAT 1J0915105; SEAT 1J0915105AB; SEAT 1K0915105; SKODA 1K0915105; SKODA 441.0.4016-150.6; SKODA 441040161506; SKODA 8E0915105; SUZUKI 33610-821V1; SUZUKI 3361060G10BMF; SUZUKI 3361060G10BNW; SUZUKI 33610821V1; TOYOTA 28800-0D340; TOYOTA 28800-0J030; TOYOTA 28800-0T031; TOYOTA 28800-0T032; TOYOTA 28800-54459-83; TOYOTA 28800-F2030; TOYOTA 28800-F2040; TOYOTA 28800-YZZAM; TOYOTA 28800-YZZHL; TOYOTA 288000D340; TOYOTA 288000J030; TOYOTA 288000T031; TOYOTA 288000T032; TOYOTA 288005445983; TOYOTA 28800F2030; TOYOTA 28800F2040; TOYOTA 28800YZZAM; TOYOTA 28800YZZHL; VOLVO 11807951; VW 000915105BB; VW 000915105DC; VW 1H0915105; VW 1H0915105B; VW 1H0915105F; VW 1J0915105; VW 1J0915105AB; VW 1J0915105D; VW 1K0915105; VW 5GM915105C; VW 5K0915105C; VW 8D0915105A; VW 8D0915105AF; VW 8D0915105F; VW 8E0915105; CHEVROLET 13165236; CHEVROLET 13390019GJ; CHEVROLET 88864528; CHEVROLET 93189920; CHEVROLET 94523672; SSANGYONG 2680235000; SSANGYONG 268AS35000; HYUNDAI 37110-2V360; HYUNDAI 37110-2V370; HYUNDAI 37110-GD000; HYUNDAI 37110-GD000/JD000; HYUNDAI 37110-JD000; HYUNDAI 371102V360; HYUNDAI 371102V370; HYUNDAI 37110B-9000; HYUNDAI 37110B9000; HYUNDAI 37110GD000; HYUNDAI 37110GD000/JD000; HYUNDAI 37110JD000; HYUNDAI DP370APU044CH0U; HYUNDAI LP370APE044CH0; JOHN DEERE MCEX540PF; MINI 61218376453