Varta BLUE Dynamic E23 12V 70Ah 630A/EN 570 412 063 3132 car battery


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VARTA E23 Blue Dynamic 12V 70Ah 630A car battery 570 412 063 The E23 is a high quality...more

VARTA E23 Blue Dynamic 12V 70Ah 630A car battery 570 412 063

The E23 is a high quality battery from Varta. Varta Blue Dynamic batteries can be found in small cars, mid-range vehicles as well as in cars with high equipment. This makes them real all-rounders on the European car battery market. The battery is 261mm long, 175mm wide and 229mm high. The cold cranking current is 630 A. The larger your motor, the more cranking current you need.

Matching storage capacity of 70 Ah

The E23 has a capacity of 70 Ah. The higher the value, the more electrical charge can be stored in the battery. This acid battery is maintenance-free. This means there is no need to refill with water.

Pay attention to these metrics when buying

The polarity and circuitry of the E23 must have the same values ​​as your old car battery. The circuit shows whether the positive pole is on the right or left of the battery. To determine this, position the battery so that the poles are facing you. This product has circuit 0. This means that the positive pole is on the right when viewed from the front.

Brand: Varta
Brand line: Blue Dynamic
Model: E23
Voltage: 12
Capacity AH (C20): 70
CCA: 630
Technology: Standard Wet Battery
Terminal: A-Terminal
Layout: 0
Holddown: B01
Size (L x W x H): 261 x 175 x 229
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The most important questions about high-quality replacment batteries for cars Find the right...more
FAQ Car Batteries

The most important questions about high-quality replacment batteries for cars

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Car Batteries

Which starter battery is right for my car?

The easiest way is to use the data of your old battery. Make a note of the capacity, voltage, base strip and circuit. For 100% accuracy you should measure the size (length, width and height) of the old starter battery. With this data you can easily find the right starter battery.

You don't know what to do? Then send us pictures of all sides of the old battery. We will be happy to you find the right starter battery.

What is the difference between the battery technologies?

● Acid: Inside the battery is liquid acid which should be refilled at regular intervals - this is usually the cheapest price variant. Most of our autmotive batteries are sealed maintenance free
● AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat Technology): In AGM batteries, the electrolyte (acid) is completely bound in a glass fibre fleece, so the batteries are leak proof - medium price variant.
● GEL: The acid in these batteries is thickened to a gel. Like the AGM battery, they are leak proof and extremely durable - high-quality price variant.

What is the delivery time of a starter battery?

Our starter batteries are packed and dispatched directly after your order by our automated packing line. The delivery time is between 1-3 days. If you need further information about your order, simply contact our service team. Or use the shipment tracking.

Can I return my old battery?

You can return the old battery in our shop. Alternatively, you can dispose of the used battery at a recycling centre or scrap dealer.  Important: Ensure the respective company provides confirmation about the disposal of the old batteries. Then send the confirmation via our refund form.

How can I recharge the battery?

The starter battery is automatically recharged during a longer journey by car. If you want to recharge the car battery for a longer period of time, use a charger.

How long does it take to fully charge my starter battery?

The starter battery is recharged by the alternator while driving. The starter battery cannot usually be charged enough during frequent short distances.  In order for your new starter battery to last longer, you should fully charge it by driving for longer journeys or using an optional charger.

How do I know the correct connection (terminal arrangement)?

The easiest way is to use the data from your old battery. Or refer to your car owner's manual.

What voltage does my car need?

Almost all cars use 12V voltage. Trucks usually have 24 Volt voltage systems. If you are unsure, check your old battery or your car's manual.

What capacity do I need?

To choose the capacity you should use your old battery as a template. If you are unsure, check your used battery or your car manual.

How do I know if I have Start-Stop?

Many new cars switch off the engine when stationary. When choosing the right car battery, please make sure that your car also has an automatic Start-Stop function. For further information, please refer to your vehicle manual.

What is the base hold down of the battery in my car?

Most cars use the B13 baseboard. Check your old starter battery to see which hold down you need. Or take a look at your car's manual.

Can I also ship to locker courier service?

No, our starter batteries cannot be sent to locker courier service.

I need help choosing the right battery!

Use our free phone line or our contact form. We will be happy to help you choose the right battery.

This part has been reported to fit the following vehicle: MAZDA 3 (bk) Hatchback...
"Equivalent Part Numbers"

This part has been reported to fit the following vehicle:

  • MAZDA 3 (bk) Hatchback (2003-2009) 105 HP (77 Kw)
  • NISSAN X-trail (T30) Closed Off-Road Vehicle (2001-2007) 136 HP (100 Kw)
  • NISSAN Qashqai / Qashqai +2 I (J10, NJ10, JJ10E) Closed Off-Road Vehicle (2011-2013) 130 HP (96 Kw)
  • MAZDA 3 (bl) Hatchback (2008-2014) 105 HP (77 Kw)
  • MAZDA RX-8 (se, Fe) Coupe (2003-2012) 231 HP (170 Kw)
  • MITSUBISHI Outlander III (gg_w, Gf_w, Zj, Zl) Closed Off-Road Vehicle (2012- ) 150 HP (110 Kw)
  • NISSAN X-trail (T31) Closed Off-Road Vehicle (2007-2013) 173 HP (127 Kw)
  • HYUNDAI I30 (fd) Hatchback (2007-2011) 116 HP (85 Kw)
  • HYUNDAI I40 Cw (vf) Estate (2011- ) 136 HP (100 Kw)
  • TOYOTA Rav 4 III (_A3_) Closed Off-Road Vehicle (2006-2013) 152 HP (112 Kw)


This list only contains a sample of all the compatible cars for this part.

This is not guaranteed to fit due to differences and discrepancies in manufacturers data. Therefore, ALWAYS double check the measurements against your current battery before purchasing as we are not liable for incorrect purchases.

Equivalent Part Numbers:

FORD 1060816; HONDA 31500-SD4-100M; HONDA 31500-SP0-011-HE; HONDA 31500-SP0-031-HE; HONDA 31500-SS0-G81; HONDA 31500-SS0-G83; HONDA 31500-SZA-R02; HONDA 31500-SZA-R11; HONDA 31500SD4100M; HONDA 31500SP0011HE; HONDA 31500SP0031HE; HONDA 31500SS0G81; HONDA 31500SS0G83; HONDA 31500SZAR02; HONDA 31500SZAR11; HONDA 31500SZAR12; HONDA 31500TX4A01; HOTCHKISS BRAND 31500SZAR12; HOTCHKISS BRAND 31500TX4A01; MAZDA E515-18-520; MAZDA E51518520; MERCEDES-BENZ 0025417801; MERCEDES-BENZ 0025417901; MERCEDES-BENZ 0025418701; MERCEDES-BENZ 0035413301; MERCEDES-BENZ A0025417801; MERCEDES-BENZ A0025417901; MERCEDES-BENZ A0025418701; MERCEDES-BENZ A0035413301; MITSUBISHI 80D26L; MITSUBISHI 8201A035; MITSUBISHI MZ690089; NISSAN 24410-00Q3J; NISSAN 24410-1LA1A; NISSAN 24410-1MA0A; NISSAN 24410-1MA0AHP; NISSAN 24410-1MA1A; NISSAN 24410-1MA1AHR; NISSAN 24410-88S72; NISSAN 24410-88S7A; NISSAN 2441000Q1C; NISSAN 2441000Q3J; NISSAN 244101LA1A; NISSAN 244101MA0A; NISSAN 244101MA0AHP; NISSAN 244101MA1A; NISSAN 244101MA1AHR; NISSAN 2441088S72; NISSAN 2441088S7A; NISSAN 24410Y1404; NISSAN B4410-80E0G-VA; NISSAN B441080E0GVA; NISSAN KE241-65E06NY; NISSAN KE241-65E11NY; NISSAN KE241-80E07NY; NISSAN KE24165E06NY; NISSAN KE24165E11NY; NISSAN KE24180E07NY; RENAULT 2441007H73; RENAULT B4410-80E0G-VA; RENAULT B441080E0GVA; SUZUKI 33610-77EV0-BMF; SUZUKI 3361077EV0BMF; TOYOTA 28800-03041; TOYOTA 28800-03044; TOYOTA 28800-03045; TOYOTA 28800-0H160; TOYOTA 28800-0L380; TOYOTA 28800-17110; TOYOTA 28800-28200; TOYOTA 28800-56048-83; TOYOTA 28800-57029-83; TOYOTA 28800-YZZAG; TOYOTA 28800-YZZAS; TOYOTA 28800-YZZJC; TOYOTA 28800-YZZJG; TOYOTA 2880003041; TOYOTA 2880003044; TOYOTA 2880003045; TOYOTA 288000H160; TOYOTA 288000L380; TOYOTA 2880017110; TOYOTA 2880028200; TOYOTA 2880030131; TOYOTA 2880050080; TOYOTA 288005604883; TOYOTA 288005702983; TOYOTA 2880087335000; TOYOTA 2880087719000; TOYOTA 28800YZZAG; TOYOTA 28800YZZAS; TOYOTA 28800YZZJC; TOYOTA 28800YZZJG; VOLVO 11714689; VW J2880004040; VW J7AZZZ90018; CHEVROLET 92105069; SSANGYONG 2680235020; SSANGYONG 268AS35020; HYUNDAI 37110-1D680; HYUNDAI 37110-27202; HYUNDAI 371101D680; HYUNDAI 371101F680; HYUNDAI 3711027202; HYUNDAI 371102E100; HYUNDAI 371102M640; HYUNDAI 371102P540; HYUNDAI 371104H540; HYUNDAI DP370APU070CH0U; HYUNDAI DP370APU080CH0U; HYUNDAI LP370APE080CK0; JOHN DEERE AL203837; BOBCAT 6662222; BOBCAT 6674687; BOBCAT 6961224