VARTA E11 Blue Dynamic 12V 74Ah 680A car battery 574 012 068


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VARTA E11 Blue Dynamic 12V 74Ah 680A car battery 574 012 068 This car battery is from...more

VARTA E11 Blue Dynamic 12V 74Ah 680A car battery 574 012 068

This car battery is from Varta. Batteries from the Blue Dynamic series can be installed in almost all cars and are among the best-selling car batteries in Europe. As original spare parts, they meet all the criteria of automobile manufacturers. The battery measures 278 x 175 x 190 mm and has a cold cranking current of 680 A.

Useful technology without the hassle of maintenance

The E11 has a capacity of 74 Ah. The higher the value, the more electrical charge can be stored in the battery. In the past, acid batteries had to be topped up with water. Nowadays this is no longer necessary: ​​the E11 is maintenance-free.

That means circuit and poles

The polarity and circuitry of the E11 must have the same values ​​as your old car battery. The circuit indicates where the positive terminal is on the battery. To do this, look at the battery from the front. This product has circuit 0. This means that the positive pole is on the right when viewed from the front.

Brand: Varta
Brand line: Blue Dynamic
Model: E11
UK Part Code: 096
Voltage: 12
Capacity AH (C20): 74
CCA: 680
Product Type: Starter batteries
Technology: Standard Wet Battery
Start Stop Compatible: No
Length: 278
Width: 175
Height (inc terminals): 190
Warranty: 4 Years
Terminal: A-Terminal
Layout: 0
Holddown: B13
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This part has been reported to fit the following vehicle: VW Golf V (1K1) Hatchback...
"Equivalent Part Numbers"

This part has been reported to fit the following vehicle:

  • VW Golf V (1K1) Hatchback (2003-2008) 105 HP (77 Kw)
  • HONDA Civic VIII Hatchback (fn, Fk) Hatchback (2005- ) 140 HP (103 Kw)
  • LAND ROVER Freelander (L314) Closed Off-Road Vehicle (2000-2006) 112 HP (82 Kw)
  • VW Golf V (1K1) Hatchback (2003-2008) 115 HP (85 Kw)
  • VW Tiguan (5N_) Closed Off-Road Vehicle (2010-2011) 140 HP (103 Kw)
  • VW Golf V (1K1) Hatchback (2003-2008) 140 HP (103 Kw)
  • AUDI A3 (8P1) Hatchback (2003-2012) 140 HP (103 Kw)
  • HONDA Cr-v Mk III (re_) Closed Off-Road Vehicle (2007- ) 140 HP (103 Kw)
  • VW Passat Estate (3C5) Estate (2005-2010) 140 HP (103 Kw)
  • VW Golf VI (5K1) Hatchback (2008-2012) 122 HP (90 Kw)


This list only contains a sample of all the compatible cars for this part.

This is not guaranteed to fit due to differences and discrepancies in manufacturers data. Therefore, ALWAYS double check the measurements against your current battery before purchasing as we are not liable for incorrect purchases.

Equivalent Part Numbers:

AUDI 000915105AE; AUDI 000915105AF; BARREIROS JZW915105A; BARREIROS JZW915105A; BMW 61216927454; BMW 61217550492; BMW 61217553952; BMW 61217570682; BMW 61217604816; BMW 61218361193; BMW 61218381726; BMW 61218381730; BMW 61218381734; CHRYSLER BE0H6680AA; CHRYSLER VE0H6680AA; CITROËN 5600JX; CITROËN 5600LT; CITROËN 5600QA; CITROËN 5600QR; CITROËN 5600SX; CITROËN 7905525567; FIAT 6000625636; FORD 1128793; FORD 1U2J-10655-E4A; FORD 1U2J10655E4A; FORD ME8U2J-10655-GB; FORD ME8U2J10655GB; FORD ME8U2JP-10655-GB; FORD ME8U2JP10655GB; FORD VYC15-10655-AA; FORD VYC1510655AA; HONDA 31500-SEF-E00; HONDA 31500-SWY-E020-M1; HONDA 31500-T1G-E01; HONDA 31500-T1G-E010-M1; HONDA 31500-TG-E010-M1; HONDA 31500-TGE-010-M1; HONDA 31500-TZ3-100M; HONDA 31500-TZ3-A11; HONDA 31500-TZ7-A01; HONDA 31500SEFE00; HONDA 31500SWYE020M1; HONDA 31500T1GE01; HONDA 31500T1GE010M1; HONDA 31500TGE010M1; HONDA 31500TZ3100M; HONDA 31500TZ3A11; HONDA 31500TZ3A21; HONDA 31500TZ7A01; IVECO 2994558; JAGUAR 02LNC1250AA; JAGUAR LNC1250AA; MERCEDES-BENZ 0009820408; MERCEDES-BENZ 0009823108; MERCEDES-BENZ 000982310826; MERCEDES-BENZ 0009823708; MERCEDES-BENZ 4479820108; MERCEDES-BENZ A0009820408; MERCEDES-BENZ A0009823108; MERCEDES-BENZ A000982310826; MERCEDES-BENZ A0009823708; MERCEDES-BENZ A000982370826; MERCEDES-BENZ A0025416801; MERCEDES-BENZ A0025417001; MERCEDES-BENZ A4479820108; NISSAN 24410-6558R; NISSAN 2441000Q0J; NISSAN 244106558R; NISSAN 24410EB00A; NISSAN B4410-75E0M-VA; NISSAN B441075E0MVA; OPEL 1201212; OPEL 12772115; OPEL 1777871; PEUGEOT 1637201380; PEUGEOT 5600JX; PEUGEOT 5600LT; PEUGEOT 5600QA; PEUGEOT 5600QR; PEUGEOT 7905525567; PORSCHE 99661107020; PORSCHE 99961107020; RENAULT 244100004R; RENAULT 244100519R; RENAULT 244102059R; RENAULT 244104AA0A; RENAULT 7701050259; RENAULT 7701376965; RENAULT 7711222781; RENAULT 7711238598; RENAULT 8200377287; RENAULT 8671004005; RENAULT 8671016930; RENAULT 93453874; RENAULT B4410-75E0M-VA; RENAULT B441075E0MVA; SAAB 127991128; SAAB 93189440; TOYOTA 28800-0G020; TOYOTA 28800-0G050; TOYOTA 28800-0L431; TOYOTA 28800-0L460; TOYOTA 28800-0L480; TOYOTA 28800-0L500; TOYOTA 28800-0L501; TOYOTA 28800-0L502; TOYOTA 28800-0L570; TOYOTA 28800-0L600; TOYOTA 28800-0Y180; TOYOTA 28800-0Y181; TOYOTA 28800-0Y182; TOYOTA 28800-25020; TOYOTA 28800-38160; TOYOTA 28800-F0010; TOYOTA 28800-YZZAP; TOYOTA 28800-YZZBA; TOYOTA 28800-YZZUG; TOYOTA 288000G050; TOYOTA 288000L431; TOYOTA 288000L460; TOYOTA 288000L480; TOYOTA 288000L500; TOYOTA 288000L501; TOYOTA 288000L502; TOYOTA 288000L570; TOYOTA 288000L600; TOYOTA 288000Y180; TOYOTA 288000Y181; TOYOTA 288000Y182; TOYOTA 2880025020; TOYOTA 2880038160; TOYOTA 288005663883; TOYOTA 288005741283; TOYOTA 28800F0010; TOYOTA 28800YZZAP; TOYOTA 28800YZZBA; TOYOTA 28800YZZUG; TOYOTA BCI-096; TOYOTA BCI096; VOLVO 11306682; VOLVO 11802715; VOLVO 14156913; VOLVO 30772221; VW 000915105AE; VW 000915105AF; VW JZW915105A; VW JZW915105A; ÖAF JZW915105A; CHEVROLET 1201212; CHEVROLET 12772115; CHEVROLET 88865244; CHEVROLET 88901152; CHEVROLET 89022168; CHEVROLET 92257436; HYUNDAI 37110-3A100; HYUNDAI 37110-4R000; HYUNDAI 37110-A6200; HYUNDAI 371103A100; HYUNDAI 371104R000; HYUNDAI 37110A6200; HYUNDAI 37110C8680; HYUNDAI DP370APU074CH0U; HYUNDAI LP370APE074CH0; EVOBUS A0009823108; EVOBUS A0035417501; JEEP 6000627548; LAND ROVER 02LNC1250AA; LAND ROVER LNC1250AA; LAND ROVER YGD000120